Eisen | Letunic was founded in 2005 by principals Victoria Eisen and Niko Letunic. Prior to launching the firm, Victoria and Niko had a combined 30 years of planning experience working for public agencies at the local, regional and federal levels. These agencies include the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Association of Bay Area Governments and City of Oakland. This prior experience gives Victoria and Niko an insider’s knowledge and understanding of public agency processes and of staff’s needs and expectations.

At our firm, Victoria has overseen the development of the BART, Caltrain and Alameda Countywide Bicycle Plans and, for MTC, the Regional Bicycle Plan. Other projects of hers include the three volumes of the BART Bicycle Program Capital Plan and California’s first countywide pedestrian plan (in Alameda County). Niko has recently managed the development of plans and studies for the cities of Daly City, Pacific Grove, Piedmont and San Bruno; and for the countywide transportation planning agencies in Lake, Monterey and Tulare counties.

Eisen | Letunic is a certified DBE under the California Unified Certification Program and a certified SLBE and VSLBE under Alameda County Transportation Commission’s Local Business Contract Equity Program.