Eisen | Letunic is a Bay Area-based transportation, environmental and urban planning firm founded in 2005 by Victoria Eisen and Niko Letunic. Our firm’s mission is to help our clients improve the livability and health of their communities through active transportation, smart growth and environmental protection.

Our firm’s strengths lie in our:

  • Advanced research, analytical and communication skills.
  • In-depth knowledge of planning issues, trends, politics and players.
  • Insider’s understanding of public agency processes and dynamics (Victoria and Niko have a combined 30 years of prior planning experience at government agencies).
  • Experience managing complex projects for public agencies, first as employees and now as consultants.

Victoria and Niko enjoy hands-on planning work and project management. For this reason, we serve as not only principals-in-charge on our projects but also as main staff. Our firm remains small by choice, working on a limited number of projects at a time. This flat management structure allows us to provide each client and project with a degree of individualized attention that is rarely found in the consulting industry. At the same time, we regularly partner with larger firms and are often supported on the projects we lead by best-in-their-field technical subconsultants.

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